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History of Temple

Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple and cultural centre (SVBTCC) was formed by devotees of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy in April 2018 with a vision to construct Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple in and around London as a part of an iconic “ Balaji Village” that serves as a cultural, social, spiritual & Yoga centre depicting Hindu Dharma and illustrating the multicultural nature of Bharat in England.
SVBTCC will function as a ‘non-profit’ organisation/Charity Institution with a central purpose of serving the devotees in the UK & Europe, to promote Hindu Sanatana Dharma and Hindu Culture, Values & Traditions.
The Core Members Team was formed with well-regarded professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Technocrats, Bankers, Philanthropists, Home-makers and all walks of life people with only one common connection of ‘Devotion & Service’ to Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.
Team consists of Devotees who worked for similar religions, spiritual and community support charity projects successfully in the past, which brings a wealth of expertise to SVBTCC.
We now have 7 sub-committees: 1. Religious & Cultural 2.Finance 3.Land & Building 4. IT, Communications and administrative 5. Life Membership 6. Fundraising 7. Logistics & Anna Prasadam
We have a Functional Committee consisting of 49 members
We have 150 Life Members(LMs)
Our objectives are set out in the articles of association (AoA)
The advancement of the Hindu Sanatana Dharma (Hindu religion) among communities by:
@The provision of safe and easy access for regular worship and fellowship.
@Raising awareness about ‘Hindu Sanatana Dharma’ (Hinduism) and inculcating Hindu values and culture in our family life and to foster pride in our heritage among the younger generation.
@Raising awareness of yoga, meditation, the arts, spiritual and inter-religious education to promote religious and social tolerance.
@Working with other interfaith groups to promote harmony, integration and peace
@Establishing a Cultural Centre and a Temple for worship
In order to realise our bigger dream of having Balaji iconic village we have taken following steps:
@ Registered non-profit limited Company, no: 113385810 incorporated on 1st May 2018
@ Registered a Charity No: 1181618 on 18th January 2019
@ conducted workshops and performed Poojas in different areas in and around London throughout the year
@ Annual Srinivas Kalyanam, Sri Rama Kalyanam and Deepa Lakshmi poojas
@ We have our own Utsava Moorthies Srinivasa Parivaram and Rama Parivaram from Chennai and using these for regular pooja programmes
We have Purchased a suitable building after obtaining planning permission for a temple in Bracknell Town Centre which is due to open next few months.
While running the temple and cultural centre in Bracknell, we will be actively looking for land around 20-30 acres in & around the West London region for constructing the Balaji Temple complex.
We appeal to you to step forward and join us in our mission to build the Devaalayam Complex for Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. You can view SVBTCC details at Charity Commission

Trustees & Team


Dr Ramulu Dasoju
Chairman & Finance

• Medical Doctor by profession, working for NHS over 40years. Currently working as a Principle General Practitioner & Senior partner at Grosvenor House Surgery, Ealing, London.
• Founder Past President and currently adviser to the Telugu Association of London (TAL), community /charity organization which formed over 15 years ago and also member of European Telugu Association (ETA)
• Member of local medical committee and several other committees in the National Health Service (NHS). Worked as a president & Chairman of Osmania Medical Graduating Association (OUMEGA).
• Worked as a lead for Administration Committee in Sri Venkateshwara Balaji Temple at Birmingham, UK.

Mrs Kamala Kotcherlakota


• A qualified Lawyer, career shifted to Information Technology industry.
• Senior IT consultant since September 1997. Presently working with NTT Data Business Solutions, London.
• Volunteering for more than 10 years at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, a charity organization and ‘The home of Indian Arts’ at West Kensington, London.

Mr Praveen Kumar Yadav

Logistics & Prasadam

• Working as an IT consultant (technical Lead) over the past 18 years. Currently associated with Connect Managed services.
• Delivered various IT projects for TDC NetDesign and STERIA in Denmark. Moksa Technologies, India, Deify Infocomm solutions Ltd, UK.
• Provided caring support at Sanctuary Housing Association, UK, and dealt with people with learning difficulties and also supported Leicester Housing Association as a Care Supporter & Project Manager.

Bhaskar Neela


  • SAP Solution Architect (IT) with over 25 years of experience
    across Fortune 500 companies in 10+ countries.
  • Founder of Desibazar.co.uk, Elite Minds Education, The Neela
    Foundation, and co-founder of 5thyear.in.
  • Actively engages with The Loomba Foundation and Mission Ethical India Society.
  • Founded The Neela Foundation to address the needs of a native
    village in India.
  • Representing the Indian diaspora at the Indian High
    Commission in London.
  • Recognised as a nominee for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Award.
  • Published numerous articles in various magazines, with
    experience as a paper writer and broadcaster of poems on
  • Education: B E (Mechanical) and Holds a certification in The
    Science of Well-being from Yale University, USA.
  • Motivational speaker focusing on self-help and positive speaking.
  • Avid reader, consuming 52 books annually for continuous
    learning and improvement in various fields

Suresh Gopathi

Life Membership

  • An IT consultant for more than 15 years, and Currently working as Director for SVG Business Info Ltd Dartford Kent.
  • Worked as Joint secretary, roles in different community organizations like and Telangana NRI Forum (TeNF).
  • Vice president for UK Telangana Business Chamber UKTBC (Promoting Telangana Globally)
Suresh Reddy Gaddam

IT & Communications

  • Suresh Reddy Gaddam is working as an IT Consultant and is associated with SVBTCC since its inception on 14th Apr 2018.
  • A actively participating and working with SVBTCC to achieve SVBTCC’s goal to start a temple for the community.

Pavani Reddy

Public Relationships (PR)

  • Pavani Reddy is a solicitor and has been working in the City of
    London for over 20 years.
  • She is member of the founding team of Telugu Association of
    London (TAL) and been part of various organisations. Pavani
    advises and works as a volunteer with various cultural and
    religious organisations.
  • In SVBTCC she looks after communications, PR and assists with

Mr K K Chivukula

Religious & Cultural

SVBTCC Executive Committee Members

1. Religious & Cultural

Mr Raghavendar (Raghu) 
Mr Gautam Sastry

2. Finance

Mr Ravi Vasa
Mr Gopi Kolluru

3. IT, Communications and administrative

Mr Ravi Kumar Sreerangam
Mr Vamsi Vulchi

4. Life Membership

Mr Vamsi Bogi Reddy


5. Fundraising

Mr Vishweswara Rao
Mr Thukaram Reddy

6. Logistics 

Mr Govardhan 

7. Public Relation(PR)




At the moment, there are no planned VIP visits and associated media. Please check in a few weeks.

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