About us

We are a registered Charity Organisation under the name of Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple & Cultural Centre. Our objective is to construct Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple as part of an iconic "Balaji Village" that serves as a cultural, social, spiritual and Yoga centre, depicting Hindu Dharma and illustrating the multi cultural nature of Bharat and England.

We are actively looking for land in excess of 25 acres in the West London region for constructing the Temple complex. The cost of acquiring the land is currently estimated at around one million Pounds. Additionally, we are seeking a place to house the Utsava Moortulu that are due to arrive in the coming few weeks as a temporary place of worship. We are fortunate to be supported in our efforts by a core team of devotees with the common aim of 'devotion & service' to Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. However, in order to realise this Vision, we require the active support of several members of our community.

We appeal to you to step forward and join us in our mission to build the Devaalayam Complex for Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.