We are a registered Charity Organisation under the name of Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple & Cultural Centre. Our objective is to construct Sri Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple as part of an iconic "Balaji Village" that serves as a cultural, social, spiritual and Yoga centre, depicting Hindu Dharma and illustrating the multi cultural nature of Bharat and England.

We are actively looking for land in excess of 25 acres in the West London region for constructing the Temple complex. The cost of acquiring the land is currently estimated at around one million Pounds. Additionally, we are seeking a place to house the Utsava Moortulu that are due to arrive in the coming few weeks as a temporary place of worship. We are fortunate to be supported in our efforts by a core team of devotees with the common aim of 'devotion & service' to Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. However, in order to realise this Vision, we require the active support of several members of our community.

We appeal to you to step forward and join us in our mission to build the Devaalayam Complex for Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.

Brief notes about the Trustees:

Dr Ramulu Dasoju

Chairman, General Administration, IT & Communications.

• Medical Doctor by profession, working for NHS over 40years. Currently working as a Principle General Practitioner & Senior partner at Grosvenor House Surgery, Ealing, London.
• Founder Past President and currently adviser to the Telugu Association of London (TAL), community /charity organization which formed over 15 years ago and also member of European Telugu Association (ETA)
• Member of local medical committee and several other committees in the National Health Service (NHS). Worked as a president & Chairman of Osmania Medical Graduating Association (OUMEGA).
• Worked as a lead for Administration Committee in Sri Venkateshwara Balaji Temple at Birmingham, UK.

Mr Srinivasa Sarma Yadati

Finance Committee

• An experienced banker with over 22 years in Global Treasury Services, Cash Management &Transaction Banking, Financial Institutions Banking, Strategy & Financial Planning, and International Banking Operations.
• At present, working as Senior VP in Global Banking in HSBC Bank PLC, Canaray Wharf, London.
• Trained Pandit in Hindu Vedas, religious activities and rituals. Currently working as an advisor to religious institution- Sri Govinda Guru Swamy Mattam, Kadapa District A.P (www.yadati.org), India.
• MBA – Financial Management from IFMR, Chennai, India.

Mrs Kamala Kotcherlakota

Religious & Cultural Committee and Secretary

• A qualified Lawyer, career shifted to Information Technology industry.
• Senior IT consultant since September 1997. Presently working with NTT Data Business Solutions, London.
• Volunteering for more than 10 years at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, a charity organization and ‘The home of Indian Arts’ at West Kensington, London.

Mr Praveen Kumar Yadav

Property Management & Fundraising Committees

• Working as an IT consultant (technical Lead) over the past 18 years. Currently associated with Connect Managed services.
• Delivered various IT projects for TDC NetDesign and STERIA in Denmark. Moksa Technologies, India, Deify Infocomm solutions Ltd, UK.
• Provided caring support at Sanctuary Housing Association, UK, and dealt with people with learning difficulties and also supported Leicester Housing Association as a Care Supporter & Project Manager.

Mr Chandra Shakar Ceeka

Life Memberships & Public Relations and Logistics Committee

• An IT consultant for more than 15 years, and worked Currently working as director for Kalmtech Ltd, Hayes, London.
• Worked as president, secretary, and advisory roles in different community organizations like Telangana Development Forum (TDF) and Telangana NRI Forum(TeNF).
• Governing Council in British South India Council of Commerce and Director for UK Telangana Business Chamber.
• Worked as trustee for Hindu Temple at Hyderabad, India and also, current President for Shamalm Shubalama Foundation (Charity) in India